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Artemis has wonderful sandy beaches and their shallow waters make them an ideal destination for those with small children.

There are organized beaches with sunbeds and umbrellas where you can enjoy your coffee in front of the sea.

The beaches of Artemis extend from Agios Nikolaos to the area of Vravrona.



Eat like a Greek! We give you the dictionary of flavors, you add imagination and creativity. In Attica, we know that good food is a great pleasure for you, as long as all the delicacies you will try near us are made with fresh and pure local ingredients.

The fertile land of Attica and the sea breeze of its islands gave birth to many fine local products. Wine and honey, fruit, vegetables and olive oil, products with a unique taste and texture: the best you have ever tasted.

The fresh fish here is enjoyed without sauces, grilled over charcoal, with a little olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Our seafood is unique. Also try the Greek salad at a beach taverna and you will surely be drooling. Organic tomatoes from Vravrona, cucumbers from Kalyvia, oregano and capers from the slopes of Ymittos, virgin olive oil from Troizina, red wine vinegar from Spata, onion and garlic from Marathon, and sheep feta from Lavrio.

And since you know the secrets of good wine, don't settle for a glass of retsina. Some of the best wines in the world are produced here. Besides, let's not forget that Homer wrote "wine-colored sea", and that, according to legend, the creator god Dionysus is its inventor. Remember, you are in Athens and here one must believe in legends!

Ancient in the area

The temple is dedicated to the goddess Artemis who was worshiped in the area since the 8th BC. century. The temple flourished and became an important place of worship from 700 BC. but it is eventually abandoned in the 2nd BC. century. Today, a trip to Vravrona combines a visit to this significant archaeological site as well as a pleasant trip to the agriculturally-rich surrounding area: an area of green fields, vineyards and olive trees that seem to roll out like a carpet to the blue waters of the coastline a few hundred meters away.

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