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Welcome to Apartments Artemis

Having known the area of ​​Artemis for several years, we have seen all its beauties as well as the need that has been created for accommodation as a final destination or as an intermediate stop as it is very close to Athens airport and also to the ports of Rafina and Piraeus.

With a lot of love and passion we have prepared for you wonderful apartments to enjoy your stay where you will be provided with all the comforts.

Our goal is the happy customer who will have a great stay and want to repeat it in the future.

That's why we are always by your side and offer you wonderful fully equipped apartments according to your needs. Even if you stay for a short time our people will take care of you with extra care because they just love what they do.

With respect to the customer, we are open to extra wishes such as a private tour, food in the apartment and more.


Modern apartments very close to Athens airport in Spata. Fully equipped with all amenities suitable for individuals, couples and families. Make your reservation now through our website and get the best prices.

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